I realized it’s really important to have a quick reference guide for new vegans, visiting vegans, UVA vegans, the vegan-curious, and your vegan friends/ family while in Charlottesville.

I tried to only focus on local businesses or small chains that I frequent. I still have a LOT to explore because this small college town is actually bursting at the seams with amazing food. Enjoy!


*I will continue to update this as menus and restaurants change. Last update: 01/29/2023


GRN Burger

100% Vegan

Boylan Heights Burger Bar

Citizen Burger Bar

Citizen Bowl Shop

NoBull Burgers


Juice Laundry

100% Vegan and Organic!

Farmacy LLC – Food Truck

Asian Cuisine


  • Asian Owned, Vegan Friendly

Thai Cuisine & Noodle House

  • Asian Owned, Vegan Friendly
  • Sister restaurant of Chimm charlottesvillechinesefood.com

Ming Dynasty

  • Asian Owned, Vegan Friendly

Monsoon Siam

  • Asian Owned, Vegan Friendly

Now and Zen

  • Asian Owned, Vegan Friendly

Thai 99′ II

  • Asian Owned, Vegan Friendly


  • Vegan Friendly & Gluten Free Friendly Restaurant

Mexican Cuisine

Brazos Tacos

  • Vegan Friendly


Lampo Neopolitan Pizzeria

  • Order the Marinara D.O.C. pizza. It’s so simple… just incredibly quality ingredients: marinara, garlic, oregano, sea salt, olive oil.

Mellow Mushroom


Orzo Kitchen and Wine Bar

American/ Fusion

Iron Paffles and Coffee

  • Relaxed nook with hip decor turning out creative puff-pastry waffle sandwiches with savory & sweet fillings.

Beer Run

  • Family friendly location with covered patio and outdoor seating. Enormous selection of beer, wine, cider and kombucha.


  • Woman Owned, Vegan Friendly

Revolutionary Soup

  • Spicy Senegalese Peanut Tofu Soup. Spicy jalapeños combined with mild peanut. Garnished with scallions & cilantro.
  • Classic Miso. Traditional Japanese soup with shitakes, carrots, kelp, scallions, and tofu.
  • Black Bean & Spinach Wrap. House-made spicy black beans, spinach, mushrooms, & red pepper pesto wrapped in a flour tortilla.
  • Thai Wrap. Peppers & Onions, shredded cabbage with a Thai peanut sauce. Specify tofu (not chicken).
  • Grilled Tofu Sandwich. Seasoned grilled tofu, arugula, onions, tomato & fig dijon on sunflower wheat.
  • House Salad. Spring greens with tomatoes, cucumbers, mandarin oranges, mushrooms, pumpkin seeds & balsamic vinaigrette.

Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar

  • All vegetarian tea house/ hookah bar with a bohemian atmosphere. Many of their food options are vegan like the Hummus Platter, Dahl and Rice, Mezza and the Vegan Spice Cake.


  • Moon Maiden’s Delights
    • Entirely vegan and gluten-free bakery on The Downtown Mall!
      • BEAUTIFUL donuts, cakes, pies, bread, and cupcakes.
  • Splendora’s
    • Asian Owned, Woman Owned, Vegan Friendly
    • Local gelato and sorbetto on the downtown pedestrian mall. Dairy-free flavors include:
      • Blood Orange
      • Mango
      • Grapefruit
      • Raspberry
      • Strawberry
      • Tangerine

Classes and Events

  • The Happy Cook
    • The Happy Cook offers a variety of cooking classes from hands-on, to demonstrations to cookbook discussions. They cover subjects such as ethnic cooking, technical classes, and baking. For example, the tea-tasting and knife skills classes are perfect for the new (or seasoned) vegan. Here are some specifically vegan classes  coming up:
    • February 8th, 2018 – Winter Vegan Cooking Class
    • March 22nd, 2018 – Spring Vegan Cooking Class
  • The Elderberry
    • This herbal apothecary offers great classes, consultations and fun events like Tarot card readings. The owner, Jan, and her staff are extremely well-trained in herbal wisdom and healing.
    • The holiday gift-making class is always a big hit. There is always incredible hot tea in the shop which you can sip as you shop!
  • Cville Veg Fest aka Vegan Roots Fest
    • Grab awesome food (organizers work hard to bring in the coolest food trucks in the region), listen to music, grab a beer or wine or kombucha, and learn about all the ways veganism is for the animals, the people, and the planet: a win-win-win!
    • Washington Park is gorgeous and you’ll get to hang out (bring your dogsor your kids) under the trees—and get to know some of the movers and shakers in animal and social justice. If you’re new to veganism, they have experts on hand who can talk nutrition, menus, and shopping! Always a good time.


  • Integral Yoga Natural Foods
    • 100% Vegetarian, 100% Certified Organic Produce, an Organic Juice and Smoothie Bar, a Hot & Cold Salad Bar, an Organic Bulk Food Section, Raw and Vegan Desserts, Package, Dairy, Bakery, and Frozen Items, Aromatherapy and Body Care Products, Vitamins, Supplements, and Bulk herbs, and more!
  • Rebecca’s Natural Foods
    • 25 year old natural grocer. They pride themselves on being big supporters of the locavore, environmental and health movements. Good selection of vegan treats, body care and supplements, however, they do sell animal products of all kinds.


Coffee Croissant Latte Art Espresso Table

  • Local
    • MarieBette Cafe & Bakery – Soy, Oat & Almond milks available at an additional cost.
      • 2 Locations: MarieBette Café & Bakery is located in the Rose Hill neighborhood of Charlottesville, VA. Petite MarieBette is located off the Downtown Mall.
    • Mudhouse– 2017 Roasters of the year (Roast magazine). Hemp milk available.
    • Shenendoah Joe– Plant milks available.
    • Cville Coffee– Known for being kid-friendly. Plant milks available.
    • Milli Joe– Their latte art is off the chain. Plant milks available.
    • Grit– Plant milks available.
  • Drive Thru Chains
    • Dunkin’ Donuts – Almond Breeze almond milk available
    • Starbucks- Soy, Almond and Coconut milk available

If you are a restaurant or small business and would like to be added to the list, please shoot me an email with your vegan options or substitutions!

11 responses to “Your Guide to Eating Vegan in Charlottesville, VA”

  1. Goral Avatar

    This is a dope list, kinda making me wanna take a trip out there. I’m sure we have some great places here in Texas, too. I probably just haven’t been researching enough. Thank you for sharing this list lol I wonder if any of these restaurants share their recipes….hmmm

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ashleyjane429 Avatar

      Hey, thanks so much! And yes haha, we are lucky but it’s taken me years to discover all of this. I’m sure you have a lot of hidden gems too! I wasn’t expecting to find anything in Fort Worth, TX when I visited but I think about Spiral Diner all the time. Texas is big but… great food if it’s anywhere close to you 🙂


      1. Goral Avatar

        Hmm I think you just find a great shot for me! I’m currently located in Fort Worth. I’m gonna check it Spiral Diner, Lord whining, one of these days lol. What did you order?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. ashleyjane429 Avatar

        Whoa, what are the odds!? I got some kind of taco dish that came with a side of beans and guacamole. Vegan cheese on top. There was just too much to choose from. I still follow their Instagram and their desserts and pancakes make me want to book a flight ☺️ let me know if you go!!


  2. Melissa Meece Avatar

    Thanks for mentioning FIREFLY! We love serving the vegan community in Charlottesville! We also proudly serve the locally-made No Bull veggie burger (sundried tomato/spinach version, which is vegan and gluten-free). We love the No Bull burger as a sandwich (on vegan sourdough bread) or atop a salad. Those who wish can also always request to have their tater tots baked instead of fried (since our fryer is used for non-vegan options).

    Hope to see you soon!
    ~Melissa & FIREFLY Team

    Liked by 1 person

  3. veganscratch Avatar

    Great rundown! We also like to get the vegan crepes at The Flat. And Royal Indian has some good options (and their naan is vegan).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ashleyjane429 Avatar

      Oh awesome! Thanks I will add them to the list and check them out as well 🙂


  4. Laura Avatar

    This is a wonderful guide, thank you! We will be visiting Charlottesville over Halloween and we will definitely have to use this guide to navigate the vegan spots while we’re up there! Quick question- do you have any suggestions for the best wineries in the area that have vegan wine options?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ashleyjane429 Avatar

      Thank you so much! I will make sure it gets updated to reflect new restaurants and offerings. And you just gave me a great idea for a new blog post! I’ll figure out all of the vegan wines and have it ready for your next visit 🙂


  5. Kim Morris Avatar
    Kim Morris

    You should also check out Midici’s at Stonefield. They offer vegan cheese and sausage for their pizza and it is delicious!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ashleyjane429 Avatar

      Thanks Kim, will do! I’ll add them to the list 🙂


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